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8-Yr-Old Girl Murdered, Abducted From Walmart By Mother’s New ‘Friend’ She Met At Store

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    Now this is a crazy story, an 8-year-old missing girl named Cherish Perrywinkle has been found murdered after she was abducted from a Walmart by a known sex offender who had become friends with the girl’s mother after meeting her at a store.

    Supposedly the man who had only been out of prison for three weeks met the mother at a store after hearing she couldn’t afford to but her daughter something, so he kindly offered to use his wife’s credit card to get them a few items at Walmart. He was suppose to meet his wife at Walmart so he and the mother, her daughter Cherish and her three sisters — in a Jacksonville, Florida — went to Walmart. They apparently waited in the store for hours.

    Then the man reportedly said he was going to get a burger at the McDonalds or something in front of Walmart and little Cherish Perrywinkle tagged along knowingly or unknowingly of the mother — details are sketchy though the mother is claiming she didn’t know her daughter went with him.

    The suspect Donald Smith allegedly didn’t go get a snack in the store but apparently took the girl out of the store and she was found at a nearby church hours later murdered.. SMH..

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