K. Michelle Admits to Lesbian, Threesome Sex Tape; Is It ‘My Life’ Stars Nema & Tracie?!

K Michelle kissing

K. Michelle has admitted she's in a lesbian threesome sex tape video and the question now is who are the other two girls in the tape.

It was just a couple of weeks ago when K. Michelle launched her new spin-off reality TV show entitled "K. Michelle - My Life" following her time on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta and Love & Hip Hop New York.

K. Michelle My Life, season 1 episode 1, kicked off November 3, 2014 and shows her journey in a new home outside New York City where she is seen hanging out with her group of friends which two of them become her new roommates.

The first episode of "K. Michelle My Life" brings on Tracie, K. Michelle's childhood friend and dog sitter from Memphis, who K. Michelle was angry with for apparently using her credit card without her permission.

Tracie shows up at K. Michelle's house not long after K. Michelle had offered her New York friend Nema, a nightlife promoter, the opportunity to move in with her.

As Tracie comes through the door, K. Michelle doesn't like her attitude and an argument ensues that leads to Tracie breaking down and apologizing for abusing her friendship and misusing K.'s credit card.

It was K. Michelle's make-up artist and confidant, Jonathan Fernandez, who convinced K. to give Tracie a chance which K. Michelle decided to do. Eventually K. Michelle gave Tracie a place to stay temporarily as her roommate in her home after Tracie revealed that she arrived there on a one-way ticket with Pacer (K. Michelle's dog).

Now we come to K. Michelle's admission to having a lesbian sex tape recently in an interview with Global Grind, which follows an alleged leak of a naked photo of K. Michelle standing in front of a sign of her former management company MBK Entertainment.

This leads to the question, are the two girls in K. Michelle's admitted lesbian sex tape video possibly her two roommates from her new reality TV show "K. Michelle My Life" or possibly someone such as Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta as the two have known to been very close or possibly the mystery woman she was caught kissing in a swimming pool?

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