Chelsea Handler Goes Naked in Uncensored Topless Protest on Instagram Inspired by Putin

Vladimir Putin, Chelsea Handler horse

Chelsea Handler goes nude again, this time in an uncensored topless photo showing her full breasts and nipples as a protest inspired by Vladimir Putin's topless horseback riding picture.

The comedian and controversial TV host made a political statement saying that if Vladimir Putin, Russia's president, has the right to show his chest, then she, as a woman, should have the right also.

Evidently, Instagram does not agree, as her photo has been removed at least three times as she attempted to post it to the social media site.

Following Instagram removing Chelsea Handler's pictures, she re-posted the Instagram post to her Twitter calling the removal of her photo 'sexist' adding that she has the right to show her body is better than Putin's.

The controversial celebrity is not new to going naked as she has done on more than one occasion on the Chelsea Lately show before, which of course was censored.

The TV star is apparently attempting to fight what some women consider a 'sexist' photo policy of the Internet much like feminists in the past have done for print publications.

Handler made the claim that Putin has more first amendment rights than she does.

We wonder will more celebrities follow suit and bare their chests in this new protest?

Chelsea Handler on Putin riding horse without shirt

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