Ronda Rousey is a BEAST, Just WATCH Her Alexis Davis UFC Fight Knockout

Ronday Rousey beats Alexis Davis in UFC fight in 16 seconds

If you don't think the UFC Bantamweight Champion and mix martial artist Ronda Rousey is a beast then you must not have seen her 16 second knockout fight with Alexis Davis.

The undefeated Ronda Rousey improved her record to 10-0 in her latest fight with a quick TKO of Davis.

Ronda Rousey knocks out Alexis Davis UFC fight 16 seconds

In the video of the fight, Rousey can be seen in 'beast mode' punching then kneeing Alexis Davis before slamming her to the mat.

This is when Ronda Rousey immediately began pounding Davis' face until the body of David went limp as the referee stopped the match. All this happened in just 16 seconds.

Watch the Ronda Rousey vs Alexis Davis knockout clip.

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