Hip Hop Cops: Rosenberg Police Officers Rapping, Singing Juicy J And Katy Perry “Dark Horse” Goes Viral

Rosenberg Police Hip Hop Cops rap Juicy J Katy Perry Dark Horse

This video of Rosenberg, Texas police officers rapping and singing Katy Perry and Juicy J's hit song "Dark Horse" in their patrol car has went viral online.

The video was posted on YouTube with the caption, "ever wonder what goes on inside of a police car?"

The title of the video is simply "Hip Hop Cops."

Rosenberg Police Department shared the video on their own official social media site on Facebook and it quickly gathered buzz on the social media site bringing in 5 million views.

Check out the video of a couple of officers at the Rosenberg Police Department lip syncing Juicy J and Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" song.


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