Squirrel Goes Nuts and Beats Up Man After He Takes Selfie With Cute Animal

Tampa man takes selfie with squirrel gets attacked

A man in Tampa, Florida was attacked by a cute and furry little squirrel after taking a selfie.

In the photo seen online, the young photographer can be seen in what looks to be a cute and innocent selfie with the wide-eyed little animal.

Then, let's just say, the nuts just came out of the bag.

After the first cute photo, apparently the snapshot triggered the squirrel to get nutty.

The next photo shows the photographer running with a squirrel hanging from his back which was taken by his mother moments after the first innocent selfie.

Good the mother was able to contain herself as she reportedly collapsed in laughter following the attack from the squirrel going nuts on her son just moments after she took the hilarious picture.

Maybe that squirrel wanted to be paid in nuts before his modeling gig.

Tampa man takes selfie with squirrel gets attacked 2

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