NY Police Officer Got Skills! WATCH His Hip Hop Dance Moves In Battle With Street Dancer (VIDEO)

NY Police Officer Break Dance Hip Hop Challenge

A video of a New York police officer taking on a hip hop street dancer after being challenged has surfaced on the Internet.

The video shows the police officer busing out head spins, backwards centipede moves and more hip hop dance styles.

At some point, the police officer had stripped off his police armory and gear before taking the challenge made to him.

On the dance floor, you wouldn't know he was a police officer even if you had seen him in the full NYPD uniform.

Watch the video to see what we're saying of one of NYPD's finest taking on a hip hop street dancer as if it was nothing but another day's work.

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  1. Let’s just keep it real… He’s not a REAL cop… he just writes parking tickets.
    LETS CONTINUE to keep it real… WHEN REAL HIP-HOP DIED … His opportunities to show his SKILL OFF,
    Died as well… THERE’S NO WAY IN HELL you can’t tell me he shouldn’t be in the NEXT DANCING MOVIE that comes out. Honey 2, You Got served, WHATEVER… hell PUT HIS A*S on “So you think you can dance”. Cause that’s where he needs to be! THis brother did the WORM. …. ON HIS BACK! Do you know how much HARD WORK it takes to even manipulate your body to do the worm on your STOMACH, let alone on his BACK?!
    I wouldn’t be surprised as this VIDEO GOES VIRAL, his a*s isin’t FIRED. HOWEVER… IM SURE SOMEWHERE, some CELEBRITY is saying :Im putting him in my video” right now as we speak.

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