The Arrest of Judge Joe Brown: His Full Interview!

The Arrest of Judge Joe Brown: His Full Interview!

Watch the full video interview of Judge Joe Brown who was arrested while defending a woman in Memphis Juvenile Court after challenging Juvenile Court magistrate Harold Horne on last week.

Judge Joe Brown speaks on his charges as well as addresses his history of exposing injustice and corruption within the Memphis Juvenile Court system.

Following the arrest, the Judge claims that he was jailed under an arrest that was politically motivated and details his court charges on camera.

Running for Shelby County District Attorney, Judge Joe Brown claims he will stop corruption in the system that he says is wasting millions of taxpayers dollars as well as negatively impacting thousands of Memphians, if he's elected to the position.

See for yourself, watch the full interview of what Judge Joe Brown had to say about his arrest and the alleged corruption of the system.

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