Forget Stripping, This Woman Made $10,000 A Night Belly Dancing, Meet the Arab version of Foxy Brown!

The Queen of Oriental Dance, belly dancer  Fifi Abdou

Born in Cairo, Egypt on April 26, 1953, Fifi Abdou started dancing at 12 years old after she joined a Baladi troupe, who showcased the Egyptian style of belly dance. Over the years, she started gaining fame and at one point was earning up to $10,000 per performance as a belly dancer!

At one point, she was given the name The Queen of Oriental Dance, according to sources.

Later on, as an actress, she played roles similar to that of the infamous Foxy Brown played by Pam Grier.

In her acting career, Fifi Abdou, much like Pam Grier was known as the woman-empowering type where, rarely in Egyptian culture and film, she beat up and overpowered men.

Meet the Arab version of Foxy Brown's Pam Grier!


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