Three Memphis Men Busted For Raping 14 Year Old After US Marshals Enter Frayser Home

DeShane Crawford, 23, Cornelius Banks, 20, and Randy Stevenson, 23
A Memphis 14 year-old girl was discovered by U.S. Marshals by coincidence when they were in search of a fugitive following a tip that one may be in the home located on the street Keystone in the neighborhood of Frayser. What the U.S. Marshals didn't expect was to find a teen girl who would tell them that she had been picked up by three men and victimized.

DeShane Crawford, 23, Cornelius Banks, 20, and Randy Stevenson, 23, is accused of picking up the teen girl who was walking down a street near her house.

Allegedly, the three men picked up the teen victim in a white van and took her to Banks' Frayser home.

According to police, the teen girl was raped by Cornelius Banks as one of the other men drove the van. When they got to their destination, Banks reportedly told the teenager to have sex with the other two men.

WREG reports that Jeffrey Freiden, a board member of the Sex Offender Treatment, thinks that the men may have thought that she was old enough to give consent, but according to Frieden, children under 18 can't give consent.

The three men, who face becoming lifetime registered sex offenders, were arrested and charged with statutory rape and now have a $100,000 bond.

All three men have court dates on October 9th with DeShane Crawford having an additional date on November 7th.

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