iPhone 6 Size Does Matter: Bigger and Better Camera and Screen

iPhone 6 to get bigger screen and HDR, 12 megapixel camera
The new Apple iPhone 6 is coming soon and the rumors have begun circulating about its new iOS 7 operating system and bigger size.

According to reports that have been swirling over the Internet, the iPhone 6 could be powered by the A7 quad-core processor and could come with an increased mega-pixels for it's camera.

Reportedly, the iPhone 6 could sport a brand new 4.8 inch screen with a 12 mega-pixels camera with an HDR setting.

The new iPhone could also possibly come with an increased storage option of 128GB. Packed with all these possibly upcoming features including a new audio-only FaceTime App, it's safe to say that the iPhone 6 could be one of its most highly anticipated.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 is expected to drop around early September 2013.

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