Fired Police Officer’s “Warfare” On LAPD: Shooting of Cops, 1 Dead, Coach Killing

Photo of ex LAPD officer Christopher Jordan Dorner, suspected murderer

A Former LAPD officer and U.S. Navy reservist is a suspect in the double murder of a women's college basketball coach and her fiance, along with the shooting of 3 cops, which left one dead.

Police say Cal State Fullerton assistant women's NCAA college basketball coach Monica Quan in Fullerton, California and her fiance Keith Lawrence were found shot to death Sunday night on the top floor of a parking structure

The suspect in the couple's killing, Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, an ex-Los Angeles police officer himself, is also wanted in the shooting of 3 police officers, killing one of them who died from the gun shot wounds.

A manhunt for fired officer Christopher Dorner was first launched for the killing of the couple, then later for killing a Riverside officer and wounding another early Thursday, shortly after shooting at two LAPD officers in the nearby city of Corona, grazing one.

Beforehand, the fired officer wrote a letter of his planned "warfare" against the LAPD.

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