DJ Paul Of Three 6 Mafia Slams Fake Rappers In New “I Can’t Take It” Video

Photo of DJ Paul from I Cant Take It music video

Academy award winning Memphis rapper DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia says he can't take it from fake rappers anymore.

"Ya'll f**king the game up," the rapper vents on the new song "Can't Take It" from off Paul's A Person Of Interest album/dvd release.

"I said I'm done defending rap, half of these ni**s they can't even rap/Half of these ni**s then killed the game so bad, I just went back to trap/And I ain't even doing no features/For you muthaf***ing leeches," Paul says angrily in his lyrics adding "I use to love rap, but thanks to you sh*t aint the same."

"Who are them rapsters, f***ing beats me/If ya'll ni**s hard, what the f**k that makes me," the rapper says in the song lyrics continuing to vent, "All these dudes faking, I'm just wondering how they made it."

Check out DJ Paul's new video for "I Can't Take It" featuring Shawty Trap.

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Here's some other footage DJ Paul recently released for his A Person Of Interest DVD which comes with the cd.

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