Married Tennessee Teacher Indicted For Sex With 15 Yr-Old Student at Walker Valley High School

Tennessee teacher Christie David Indicted For Relationship with 15 Yr-Old Student

Photo Mugshot of Tennessee teacher Christie David Indicted For Having Sex with 15 Yr-Old Student

A Tennessee high school teacher has been indicted for allegedly having sexual relations with a language arts class student. Christie David, 32, from Cleveland, TN was indicted by a grand jury for allegedly having sex with the 15 year-old former student at Walker Valley High School in Bradley County.

The investigation of the inappropriate affair was reportedly prompted via a tip which authorities acted upon and began investigating in late September.

The married teacher, who is believed to have a young child, was suspended for her actions and charged with one count of sexual battery by an authority figure.

David surrendered to police on Tuesday and was released on a $10,000 bond and is due back in court.

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  1. Another stupid dummy!! Do these female teachers ever learn anything at all??? Are you trying be cute and doing it because it is a tabboo?? Because psychologically it is insane. Oh Dateline…entertainment tonight…. lets interview the tramp and give her a book deal!!

  2. I know Christine and I do not believe any of this she’s a very good person a very good mother of very good wife. be careful not to believe everything someone says just because someone is accused of something does not mean they are guilty .

  3. 15 is the age of consent in France and Sweden. A teenager is not a child, they are responsible for their actions. There is no evidence that her ‘victim’ has been traumatized.

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