Yo Gotti Unleashes CM7: The World Is Yours From Cocaine Muzik Mixtape Series

Yo Gotti Cocaine Muzik 7 (CM7) The World Is Yours Mixtape Cover

In rapper Yo Gotti's latest mixtape, "CM7 - The World Is Yours," North Memphis' own Yo Gotti unleashes 20 new mixtape songs on this 7th installment of Yo Gotti's Cocaine Muzik mixtape series.

Yo Gotti's Cocaine Muzik 7 The World Is Yours mixtape features tracks with Zed Zilla, Future, Wale, French Montana, amongst others, and includes Yo Gotti's current hip hop radio single "Check."

"CM7 - The World Is Yours" features production by Lil Lody, Drumma Drama, Jahlil Beats, The Olympicks, DJ Spinz and more.

CM7 - The World Is Yours follows Yo Gotti's 2011 release of his January 10th mixtape and the long awaited release of Gotti's debut studio album, Live from the Kitchen.

Gotti can be seen in a video released before the CM7 carefully selecting songs for CM7 through his catalog.

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Listen to or download Yo Gotti's latest mixtape, "CM7 - The World Is Yours," the 7th installment from his Cocaine Muzik Mixtape Series below, plus view the tracklist, mixtape back cover, features and productions.

Yo Gotti Cocaine Muzik 7 (CM7) The World Is Yours Mixtape (Back Cover)

Yo Gotti "Cocaine Muzik 7 (CM7) The World Is Yours" Tracklist

1. Bulletproof (Prod by Lil Lody)
2. Check (Prod by Drumma Drama)
3. CPR
4. Purple Flowers (Prod by Young Shun)
5. I Don't Like
6. Drug Money Feat. Future
7. Fuck Your Bestfriend (Prod by Drumma Drama)
8. Turn On The Lights
9. Enemy or Friend
10. Had To Quit F**king With You
11. Work Feat. French Montana
12. Rappin Like I'm Trappin Feat. Sylver Karatz Zed Zilla (Prod by Drumma Drama)
13. Disqualified Feat. Wale (Prod by DJ Spinz)
14. Swimming Pool Feat. Zed Zilla
15. Ain't No Turning Around Feat. Jadakiss (Prod by Jahlil Beats)
16. Buy Out (Prod by The Olympicks)
17. Picture Me (Prod by Lil Lody)
18. Ghetto America Zed Zilla Feat. Yo Gotti (Prod by Quantom Sounds)
19. Smilin Faces
20. Liar

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