Video: Jessica Dime “The Diary of a Dimepiece Chapter 2” + Photos

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Model, rapper Jessica Dime aka Dimepiece tells a 'true Memphis story' in her music video entitled The Diary of a Dimepiece Chapter 2. Check out the first chapter and prelude to the Diary of a Dimepiece videos after the jump + pictures.

Dimepiece - The Diary Of A Dimepiece Chapter 1
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Dimepiece - The Diary of A Dimepiece (Prelude)
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Pictures of model, rapper Jessica Dime aka Dimepiece
Photos: IAmDimepiece.com

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  1. Please keep your day job Jessica HairPiece. I’m going to do something that others are afraid to do. YOU DO NOT SOUND GOOD ENOUGH TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY. These men want to get into your pants and this is why you have gotten this far. When they are tired of what you have to give, they will be on to the next no talent rapper.

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