Criminal Charges Brought Against Shidea Lane & Cleveland Bus Driver For Uppercut On Video

Picture of Shidea Lane interview about Cleveland uppercut video

Ever since the video of a Cleveland bus driver's uppercut to a woman on the bus surfaced, the video has gone viral, shocking reactions arose and now there's a new turn. The verdict is coming around, criminal charges have now been filed against both Shidea Lane and Artis Hughes, the Cleveland bus driver who shocked America when he was caught on video, delivering an upppercut punch to Lane, who is believed to have hit and threatened him first during their confrontational bus ride.

As reported on MemphisRap.com, Shidea Lane spoke on video recently for the first time about the encounter and fight she had with Artis Hughes, the Cleveland Bus Driver, and claimed that she doesn't remember everything because she was "hysterical" at that point but still can't believe, no matter the encounter, that "a man could hit a woman that hard."

There have been mixed reactions from many people online. Some are siding with Lane while some side with Hughes.

"Two wrongs definitely dont make a right. Unfortunately he has lost his job over this. Rightfully so!!!!! He took it way too far," one commenter says on MemphisRap.com in regards to Hughes while another commenter stated, "It is unfortunate, that society has dictated that men should NOT hit women, NO women should not hit men and vice versa. I do NOT accept that because I am a woman that I should NOT be hit back. Lesson learned for her, DO NOT put your hands on a man or ANYONE for that matter."

Meanwhile, both Shidea Lane and Artis Hughes have been charged.

While Lane is accused of choking and spitting on Hughes before he responded with an uppercut, only disorderly conduct charges have been filed against Shidea Lane, apparently because her alleged actions were not seen in view on the video of the incident.

Lane's charges are a fourth-degree misdemeanor and carry a maximum penalty of 30 days in jail and a $250 fine.

On the other side, assault charges have been filed against Hughes, for his more obvious and visually seen uppercut punch in the video.

Hughes' charges are a first-degree misdemeanor and carry a maximum penalty of 6 months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Arraignments are expected to be scheduled for the first week of November.

Shidea Lane Talks On Video About When Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercuts, Punches Her
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Videos Of the Cleveland Bus Uppercut Incident
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  1. Why did the audience wait until after he hit her? Why didn’t they call the police when she was being erratic? Instead they thought that this was amusing and recorded it for fun on their cell phones. I really do not think he should lose his job. Domestic Violence does happen among men, and although they were not romantically connected, that is what I am calling it.

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