Trina Says ‘I’m Back 2 Business’ In New Hip Hop Song + Mixtape, Album News

Trina (@TRINArockstarr), the proclaimed "Baddest B*tch," is back in a new hip hop song entitled I'm Back (Back 2 Business) from an upcoming new mixtape.

According to MusiqQueen.com, Trina's dropping the new mixtape release this summer and is also working on her sixth studio album release.

Trina's new hip hop single, "I'm Back (Back 2 Business)," which is The Miami rap diva's newest release off the upcoming mixtape, was announced and released on her Twitter on Monday.

Trina's last mixtape release was "Diamonds Are Forever," which dropped March of last year.

Photo of Trina - Im Back (Back 2 Business) promo cover

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