Caught on Video: Parents Put Baby In Washing Machine At Laundromat, Accidentally Turns It On!

In an epic parenting fail caught on surveillance video tape, this couple decided they would play around and scare their kid by putting him in a washing machine on a visit to the laundromat. Bad idea - the parent that placed his child inside the machine, closed the door unknowing that the washing machine had an auto lock system and immediately began taking the poor kid through a spin cycle.

The frantic parents can then, in the video, be seen panicking, pulling and pulling on the door of the washing machine trying to get it open.

After several failed attempts to open the washing machine door, the couple run to get help from the laundromat's staff, it seems, who comes back to the washing machine and pulls the plug on it powering down the washing cycle.

One parent is then seen getting the poor child out of the washing machine and running away carrying him.

Reportedly the child suffered minor injuries but is doing OK.

PHOTO: Parenting Fail at Laundromat Caught on surveillance Video tape

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