SEA Awards Industry Insight Conference 2012

9th Annual Southern Entertainment Awards
SEA Awards Industry Insight Conference 2012
Location: Memphis Marriott Hotel
250 North Main St – Memphis, TN 38103
Time: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

*All Panels will be moderated by: DJ Infamous
9am - 10:15am (1st Quarter) Business - "Putting Together The Team For The Dream"
10:45am - 12pm (2nd Quarter) Product - "Give The People What They Want / Need"

Halftime / Lunch

2pm - 3:15pm (3rd Quarter) Marketing & PR - "From Word Of Mouth To The Entire South"
3:45pm - 5pm (4th Quarter) Overtime - "From An Artist To An Entertainer: Don't Just Show Up, Show Out!"

Full weekend line-up at http://www.southernentawards.com/events/weekend-lineup.html

Southern Entertainment Awards

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