Rapper Koopsta Knicca Uploads 666th Video on MemphisRap.com

Check this Ish out! It seems that rapper Koopsta Knicca has coincidentally uploaded MemphisRap.com's 666th video, bringing back the original Triple Six sound of the early 90's.

Is it a coincidence that Ex-Three 6 Mafia member Koopsta Knicca happened to upload the 666th video on MemphisRap.com or is it a New World Order conspiracy?

Neither MemphisRap.com nor The-Ish had anything to do with Koopsta uploading the video, nor do we believe he was aware when uploading the video, so yes it is definitely a coincidence.

In addition, the video just so happened to be a snippet from "Crucifix 2," a cut off his latest project 'Da Devil's Playground 2: New World Order 2012' set to be released sometime in the near

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