Caught On Tape: Rapper Yo Gotti Pulled Over For Speeding In Memphis

Rapper Yo Gotti was caught on tape recently in Memphis, Tennessee being pulled over by the police for speeding. The rapper who recently purchased his white Lamborghini for around $250,000, according to this video posted on MemphisRap.com on last week showing the rapper talking about his new lambo, allegedly was driving up to speeds of 150 mph when he was pulled over.

Yo Gotti can be seen in the video caught on tape walking with the police officer to the back of the police car for questioning. Though the rapper was reportedly caught speeding highly over the speed limit, he was supposedly allowed to go without any serious penalties.

Yo Gotti recently released his new album Cocaine Muzik 2 hosted by DJ Drama on this month (Apr. 2009). "Cocaine Muzik 2"  features the hot single Sold Out which released a new music video also on last week.

Watch the video of Yo Gotti getting caught by the police speeding in Memphis!

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