Hypnotize Minds’ Yung D Slams Fake ‘Wannabe Gangsters,’ Talks About New Mixtape, Group and Single

Yung D

Hypnotize Minds recording artist Yung D recently called in to DJ Nina Stakz' radio show in Memphis, TN on Hot 107.1 and took aim at fake 'wanna be gangsters' who he claims are "exaggerating" and only hurting the Industry and "poisoning kids' minds."

"Right now we trying to be grown and sexy and cater to the women," the rapper stated to DJ Nina Stakz in the interview clip. "We trying to get away from all this non-sense and all this street talk cause we already know what's going on in these streets for real," the rapper added.

Yung D went on to express why he feels it's time to get "real" in the Industry.

"All this crazy talk about... street gangs... these dudes exaggerating, they poisoning these kids' minds, we trying to bring real music back to the Industry. They wondering why we ain't selling no records, cause these cats ain't making no good music," Yung D stressed.

The rapper also talked about his new single "It Ain't Easy," and revealed he's working with a new group and has a new mixtape underway with the Southern Coalition Movement entitled "Back Focused."

Listen to audio of Yung D's interview With DJ Nina Stakz.

Yung D Interview with DJ Nina Stakz of Hot 107.1 FM in Memphis

Props to DJ Nina Stakz.

Also props to Godfellow.

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