Gyft – They Just Don’t Know


Slept on Memphis rap artist, Gyft, winner of K97’s Next Big Thing Showcase, in track "They Just Don’t Know."



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  1. I’m a 40+ mom and heard this song on the radio while riding to the mall w/ my 19 year old daughter. I usually ask her to turn rap off, but not this song!

  2. uhhhh i visit my sis in Memphis this summer and everytime the song was played on radio we was partying in the car. I took the song home with me to good old germany and get my summerfeelings back whenever i liten to it……greetings from Germany….mona

  3. I heard this song on Nashville’s 101.1 The Beat and I had to hear it again. I went on the website and found Gyft’s info. I had to google it to hear it again. I love this song. He is definitly doin’ his thing!


  4. I was on my way back to chicago was searching stations heard your song and was like who is this! Man I am a born again pastor, bishop and I was like his message in this song is hot!! I need to know how to get your project this is the kind of message I would like my teenage daughter to hear!!

  5. I’m a Kirby High school mom. This young man is the child of one of coaches at the school. This song is FANTASTIC!! Very creative!! I wish it was on CD. Yo Go young man!! You can DO ANYTHING in life that you aspire toward!!! Hope to buy your CD in the very near future.

  6. year his this song any time of the day and deff wanna get crump and go out some where and party. I LOVE THIS SONG. At first I thought it was Jay Z new album NOT… wasted 20 bucks on a CD WTH….. WHERE CAN I GET THIS ALBUM

  7. i frst hear this song when i was visting my dauther they dont play this song where i live so i wish that they would play it here im from k.c.mo ilove that song it make you realy make you think.

  8. Gyft is off the hook… Love this beat!!! It’s the S**t… Once in my head its there all day… Put’s me in a great mood… How true “People see me but they just don’t know” hell, they ain’t got a clue… Word… Hope your CD lives up to this joint… again… off the hook!

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