Lil Lody – Almost Famous Mixtape

Lil Lody Almost Famous mixtape album cover

47 Mobb presents Memphis rapper/producer Lil Lody in "Almost Famous" mixtape.

1. Introduction
2. Kep It Real
3. It's About Me
4. I'm On It
5. Cut Throat
6. She Jockin'
7. Whur Dey Do Datt At
8. All About Da Money
9. Mute Ya Self
10. Fa Reallllll
11. Nothin
12. Keep Up
13. Hurt Me Too
14. Play
15. Let Me See Yo Dance
16. Thun Tha Thun
17. Trap Me Up
18. TapOut 2
19. Respect Da Game
20. What If...

Download: Almost Famous Mixtape

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