Gangsta Blac – Yea Boi (prod. by Drumma Boy)

Gangsta Blac - Return of the Gangsta

Memphis rapper Gangsta Blac returns to the scene with new track "Yea Boi" produced by Drumma Boy.

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  1. Man as much as I am a Gangsta Blac fan, I have to admit it; DUDE IS TRUELY GARBAGE NOW! I been listening to him now since I was 14, and I am 28 now. Dude got the same rhyme scheme and delivery as he had when I was a youngin! Flip ya game up and QUIT TRYING TO SOUND LIKE FLY GARBAGE A*S OLD A*S RAPPER! Dude ruined a DRUMMA BOY classic track……DRUM I CAN SPIT BETTER THAN HIM, AND I’M NO RAPPER……….”We from the hood too. And last I……Blac you ain’t hood dude. Showed up at FLY Show, and got Showed out; beach towel, Filaz, got rolled out. Just throw the old out, tell him to role out; old f*g a*s nicca bring the poles out…..”

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