Rapper J Rock of Da Volunteers Scuffles With Darkside of 47 Mobb?

Allegedly J Rock of Da Volunteers got into a scuffle with rapper Darkside of 47 Mobb which was all caught on video.

A video has surfaced on the internet showing what is allegedly Da Volunteers group member J Rock in a confrontation with 47 Mobb's member Darkside.

Though Da Volunteers have been on the scene since around 2002, the duo (J Rock and Noon) first gained attention after signing with 8 Ball and MJG's 8 Ways Entertainment and MJG Muzik around 2005 and the rappers popularity grew with the release of their song "Orange Mound".

Rapper Darkside has gained recent attention for being a member of 47 Mobb. Other members of the 47 Mobb includes Memphis rap legend and producer DJ Squeeky and rappers, Yung Kee, Criminal Manne, newcomer and female rapper Kay 9, C-Mac, Redboi, and others.

In the video which first appeared on YouTube, you can see rapper J Rock swinging at rapper Darkside after the rapper (Darkside) was hit from behind by an unknown female (or possibly a long haired male) by what seems to be a club bar stool. The video is titled "J.ROCK of Da Volunteers Beats Darkside," however after watching the video you can tell instantly that it falls short of a beatdown. The video lasted only but a minute, however there was definitely some type of brief fight between the rappers which also seemed to have lasted only for a moment.

Whether or not this scuffle is a sign of a beef, it's yet to be told.


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  1. what it do rather rock and dark did fight or not we all need to stop da b******t and keep getting this money v-squad lets get it

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