Hating on Memphis artists

I recently came across an article on Ballerstatus.com giving terrible reviews on Kia Shine's new album, "Due Season." Of course everyone is entitled to thier own opinion but I think we have some true haters swarming Memphis artists. My advice to everyone is to begin supporting Memphis and our artists. Let's begin marketing ourselves and let the world know, we aren't garbage! Memphisrap.com reaches over 1 million viwers a month...imagine the amount of haters we could p**s off with that reach! Get with it Memphis-

And now, Here are a few words from our haters...

On BallerStatus.com
All one can truly say is, "WOW," and laugh when listening to Kia Shine's
Due Season. It seems that the more new artists come to the forefront of the hip-hop hustle, the more ridiculous and outrageous the songs are.

His single "Krispy" sounds like it should have been the marketing jingle for the cereal Rice Krispies. (Sing along, "I'm so krispy; I'm so krispy!")



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