Hurricane fallout felt in Ohio with Mike Brown

MaDMaXxx writes The polluted waters and fervent attitude that has clutched the citizens of the United States has yet to subside following the triple whammy hurricane onslaught that drowned the hopes, dreams and memories of the Gulf Coast. Who's to blame for the disastrous emergency relief effort that compounded losses unnecessarily? Find out by downloading your copy at www.maxheat.com/jack.html or www.myspace.com/maxheatftmadmaxxx. At present, many place the blame on bureaucratic bungling. The front running oafs include the President, FEMA's Director Mike Brown, Louisiana's Governor Blanco and one can not let New Orleans Mayor Nagin off the hook. Heaped on top of that is the conduct or rather misconduct of local law enforcement officials. The men in blue vividly personified the term

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