Arkansas Mobile Home Fire Kills Five Boys and Mother

As heroic neighbors tried desperately to help flames roared through a mobile home in Humphrey, Arkansas, killing five young boys and the mother of two of them.

Killed in the fire were 3-year-old Wesley Whiteside and 23-month-old Steven Whiteside, siblings of John & Rachel Whiteside; and Amanda Clemons, 23; her sons Dakota, 4, and Edison Ray, 3; and Aiden Joe Richter, 8 months.

Clemons' mother, Julie Sanders who had just spoken with her daughter a few hours before the incident over the phone said Amanda was engaged, and hoped to move out of the trailer because it had electrical problems.

Roy Bronson, a former firefighter who lives four doors down, said he felt two explosions and reached the burning home before firefighters.

``I heard them screaming,'' he said. ``She talked to me, she said 'Please help me.' I said `Amanda, get down and crawl.' She said, `I can't. The fire has got me.'''

Rachel Whiteside told KTHV-TV of Little Rock that the flames broke out about 10 minutes after she had dropped her boys off.

Bronson said he had trouble sleeping afterward.

``I could hear those kids screaming,'' he said. ``I heard the kids crying through the door.''

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