MemphisRap.com Seeks Advertising & Sales People

MemphisRap.com Seeks Experienced Advertising & Sales People For Rewarding Position in Online Industry

MemphisRap.com has a growing number of people logging on to the site each and every day. We have surpassed even our biggest hopes for MemphisRap.com. The growing traffic has lead us to become the #1 LOCAL based Rap/Hip-Hop site on the net. Due to our tremendous growth, we are currently seeking local Advertising & Sales Representatives to reach out to small businesses and companies throughout Memphis, Northern Tenn., Arkansas, Mississippi and surrounding areas to provide branding opportunities for these businesses. We need fun, exciting, driven, creative, sharp, and enthusiastic people who are interested in a rewarding career in the new internet age where you can now set your own hours, work from home and even decide how much money you're going to make each month. This job requires some experience, dedication, cold-calling and steady contact with companies and people in a wide range of Industries including Music, Entertainment, Internet, Fashion, Food, Automotive, Travel and more.

Advertising & Sales Representatives:

Must have sales and/or marketing experience
Not afraid of cold-calling
Know how to research and find leads
Have great communication skills
Have presentation skills
A computer & Internet connection
Dependable transportation
Available for daytime work and appointments

No college degree required but a plus.

If your interested feel free to call Account Executive J. Robinson at 901-502-2290 or e-mail jobs@memphisrap.com

General representatives are also available for FUN and EXCITING assignments on a wide variety of projects. We need creative, hard working, innovative and accountable people who are interested in a career in the music entertainment industry and/or a possible career with MemphisRap.com.
If you're interested feel free to email us at jobs@memphisrap.com or call the numbers listed below.

If your interested, please tell us more about yourself, it would be very helpful. Specifically your work background and personal characteristics.


M Town Luv
Director, MemphisRap.com

tel: 1-901-332-3504
fax: 1-901-332-3504
toll free: 1-866-394-MRAP (6727)

Would you like to write us:
PO Box 30871
Memphis, TN 38130

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