Interview with Gangsta Boo coming soon

Gangsta Boo exclusive material including photos, music and more.

Be on the lookout for our interview with the reigning Queen of Memphis to be published soon. We've got some exclusive material including photos, music and more so DON'T MISS OUT!!!! Join the Gangsta Boo fan mailing list if you haven't already and never get behind on what's going on with Boo and for MemphisRap.com alerts on Boo.

For the Enquiring Minds who needs a lil' 411 right now, we'll flex this much witcha; Boo is already working on her next mix cd, Street Ringer Vol. 2 and she told us to tell everyone that she's still holding it down for the M-Town so for all the true fans to stand up! and don't forget to keep requesting the Sippin & Spinnin remix on the radio.

Also, is Gangsta boo getting married? Well you'll just have to wait for the interview to see, sorry.

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