Black College Reunion in Daytona Beach, Fl.

wizite writes "Its been called the King of Black Beach Week for spring breakers. Over 200,000 people will attend this off da wall beach parties, concerts, & street festivals. Last year it was the most successful Black College Reunion in history and 2002 will explode as dozens of planned and unplanned parties take over the strip.

Real Rap will be right smack down in tha middle promoting and selling their new release "Memphis 2002... They gone be coverin da whole Atlantic Avenue Strip & da cds are going for da 5 bucks...

So come on out, party, get drunk, get high off southside funk & just dont give a *****! Ya Heard!

Memphis 2002 in stores everywhere April 2, 2002

What! Dont wanna wait till it comes out! You want it now? Well hell hit us up... realraprecords@memphisrap.com and get it for da 5 bucks!"

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