HOT Upcoming Memphis Rap CD Releases!

The months to come brang TONS of HOT new Memphis Rap CD Releases ya heard!

2002 New & Upcoming Releases

February 19th
DJ Squeeky - "Tha Legacy"

Eightball, Pastor Troy & more.. - "Down South Exclusive Volume 1"

LATE February
David Banner - "Mississippi: The Album"

March 12th
Eightball - Behind the Eightball

March 19th
Al Kapone - "Memphis Drama 2"
Hypnotize Camp Posse - "The Dirty Dirty"

March 26th
Project Pat - "Layin' Da Smackdown"

April 3rd
SMI Entertainment - "Scar Tha Compilation"

June 25th
Chemiztry - "2003"

COMING SOON - No Announced Dates
Three Six Mafia - "Da Unbreakables"
Tha 12 - "Surreptus Populas"

Down-South Compilation - "Down In Tha Dirty"
Prophet Entertainment - "The New Prophet"
K-Rock - "Real K-Rocafella"
Mista B Low - "Double Crossa"
Real Rap Records - Memphis 2002

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