teacher sex scandals

Symone Greene, a substitute teacher in Washington, DC has found herself in deep trouble after a 17 year-old student secretly videotaped the sub giving him oral sex on her first day at the job.

Singer Kesha has come out publicly accusing record executive and producer Dr. Luke of raping and sexually abusing her throughout the years that the two have been working together.

Two female teachers Shelley Dufresne and Rachel Respess were arrested for giving a group sex lesson or should we say for having a menage a trios, yes a threesome, with their 16 year-old student.

A 42 year-old middle school teacher, Felicia Smith, has placed herself in the ‘hot seat’ literally after she allegedly gave a full contact lap dance to one of her students in front of the entire class.

A high school guidance counselor and coach has been arrested, accused of carrying on an inappropriate relationship with a 17 year-old female student.

A Memphis metro area teacher at Shelby County Schools has been arrested along with a Memphis firefighter both accused of having sex with two different 17 year-old girls in the same house.

A Memphis high school student is accused of stealing nude photos off of his teacher’s mobile phone and sharing them with everyone, causing her to quit her job due to the backlash of this teacher scandal.

Parents of Christian school students are fueling with fire after naked photos from a teacher’s phone made its way online. The Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy school teacher, whose incident is currently under investigation, is stated to be a married mother with young kids and has been put on administrative leave after the photos of her […]

Cristy Nicole Deweese, a former Playboy model turned Spanish teacher, has some parents concerned about her sexy past after it was revealed she was a former Playboy model. After doing factitious lesbian sex scenes and posing nude in Playboy, Cristy Nicole now wants to somewhat place that all in the archive in order to teach […]

A 43 yr-old Minnesota teacher and foster care provider, Pamela Anne Fahy, was arrested over the weekend after the woman was caught fleeing from the bedroom of her boyfriend’s 13 year-old teenaged son. It was the boyfriend himself that saw his 43 yr-old girlfriend Pamela Anne Fahy running half-naked from his son’s bedroom.

Special Ed teacher, Kelly McKenzy Watson, 35, of San Diego, CA who was investigated for having a sexual relationship in 2012 with a former student is now pregnant. The report of Watson being pregnant was revealed on Wednesday while she was being ordered to jail.

In the latest story of teacher sex scandals, a mother and teacher’s assistant of handicapped children is facing rape charges after allegedly having sex several times with one of her son’s 14-year-old friends.

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