This man, Dylann Roof, continues to shock as he reportedly attended the church service and bible study before shooting 9 people dead in Charleston church shooting in South Carolina, over ‘black people’ sleeping with white people and ‘black people taking over the country.’

WACO, Texas was the site of a deadly brawl turned into a gunfight between multiple biker gangs at a Texas Twin Peaks restaurant. The Texas biker shootout, which left 9 people dead and even more injured, reportedly involved 5 rival outlaw motorcycle clubs including the Bandidos, the Cossacks, and the Scimitars.

After a recent triple shooting at Tom Lee Park and the Beale Street Landing, safety in Downtown Memphis is the concern of many as Memphis In May Beale Street Music Festival approaches.

Following the killing of two innocent children, both young girls, one 7 year-old Kristen Williams and 15 year-old Cateria Stokes, both in what was believed to be drive-by shootings, the Memphis community including the Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton have responded calling justice.

A 21 year-old aspiring rapper, photographer and videographer was shot dead while filming a music video shoot in the parking lot of a housing complex in Maryland.

A Georgia mother, Latoya Andrews, her kids, and her boyfriend were shot by the kids’ father, who then turned the gun on himself allegedly over child support money. In a murder suicide in the Atlanta metro area of Douglas County, police say Cedric Prather shot until his gun was out of bullets and reloaded again […]

A 13 year-old boy was shot and killed allegedly while recording a fight on his cellphone involving his sisters who were in an alleged feud over Facebook posts in the northwest Chicago neighborhood of Belmont Central. Anthony Diaz was reportedly shot several times by a gunman at close range while he was allegedly recording the […]

A Memphis man, Jeremy Reese, 25, was allegedly caught in a hotel with another woman by his girlfriend, so the man shot his girlfriend, according to Memphis police. According to authorities, on last Tuesday, a woman showed up at the hotel door inside Days Inn on American Way and found her boyfriend with another woman.

A Memphis man, Bryant McKinney, was shot and killed outside of the tobacco store he worked at in the Raleigh neighborhood area of Memphis, TN. Reportedly, McKinney was shot by someone that was inside of a car. The people in the car had stopped at the Yale Discount Tobacco store, used the restroom and at […]

A screenshot photo taken from the video of the fatal shooting of Terence Walker shows a shocking apparition of death mostly referred to as ‘the grim reaper’ around the body of the 21 year-old who was shot and killed by an Oklahoma police officer. Upon watching video of the fatal shooting of Terence Walker, the […]

At a Cleveland, Ohio playground a 12 year-old boy named Tamir Rice who had a fake replica of a real gun was shot and killed by police who were called to the scene from a 911 call.

Jaselyn Grant, the Memphis police officer, who fatally shot her wife, 29 year-old Keara Crowder, has been charged with second-degree murder and now Crowder’s family has spoken out.

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