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Rapper Yo Gotti Talks New Record Deal

Memphis rapper Yo Gotti, who recently signed a multi-million dollar deal with Epic Records, as reported on MemphisRap.com, sat down in an interview to talk about his new record deal.


Do’s and Don’ts: “I Want It All: 360 Deals”

“I Want It All: 360 Deals”

Well I know this article is very late, blame it on me getting ready for the hip-hop weekend events and my last two very busy weeks at work. This week I want to talk about a topic that many of you like to inquire about or are so excited that someone has offered you this type of deal: a “360 Deal” or Multiple Rights Deals. What is it? When we speak in laymans terms about doing a 360, we think about doing a full circle, a complete change or a complete turn. When it comes to a 360 Record Deal we are referring to a label getting their hands on or a piece of everything that you do, including, but by no means only the following: album sales, digital downloads, ringtones, touring, concerts, merchandising sales, songwriting, movie pictures… anything with your name or brand on it.


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