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Picture of Chaundrea Nicolle, Rich Dollarz Baby Mama

Fake Ridgeway High School Player’s Wife Is Love & Hip Hop Rich Dollarz Baby Mama?!

The plot continues to thicken with every new detail on the reported story of the 22 yr old man, now believed to be 18 year old McKinzey Sewell, first spelled McKenzie Sewell in initial reports, who faked his way into playing basketball for Memphis city schools' Ridgeway High School...
Photo of McKenzie Sewell - 22 Yrd Old Ridgeway Basketball player #22

22 Yr Old Man Fakes As Memphis Ridgeway High School Basketball Player, Student

A 22 year-old man faked his way into playing basketball for a local Memphis high school by using an illegal transcript to live out his dream, however his dream caused the team members of the high school basketball team to lose theirs in the long run. Favorite