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Memphis Radio’s K97FM’s ‘Next Big Thing’ Narrows Down Their Top 20 Best Rap Lyricists

K-97 FM Next Big Thing 5

Memphis radio station K97-FM’s 5th Next Big Thing narrows down Top 20 Finalists’ 16 bars.

Like every year, Memphis based Clear Channel radio station K-97 FM, home to DJs and radio personalities like Big Sue, Mike Evans, Devin Steel and Mic Tee, host an annual competition. For 2013, the radio station invited some of the hottest talent to compete up against others at a chance to gain recognition, cash money and an opening spot at one of the biggest shows of the summer – the K97 Summer Jam.


K97 Next Big Thing Producer JP On Tha Track Talks Future Work With Yo Gotti

Producer JP On Tha Track talks about winning K97 FM’s Next Big Thing 3: Producer edition, his future work producing for Yo Gotti’s new album, and his future plans in an exclusive video interview with MemphisRap.com’s DeAnna Jo.


Next Big Thing, “Gyft”

Gyft Photo

Slept on rap artist, Gyft, winner of K97’s Next Big Thing Showcase, recently spoke with MemphisRap.com about winning his recording deal with Koch Records in the music showcase with WHRK K97.1 FM, what it felt like winning and more. The rapper, who isn’t your typical Memphis rapper with a typical Memphis rap sound, claims he “is a hustler that beat the odds” and is not influenced only by the city of Memphis but has influences from “all types of music from Mavado to Sting to Trick Daddy.”

Well, whatever the rapper has, it’s beginning to shine on others with his music releases such as the song “They Just Don’t Know” which is getting great feedback from fans online, and his song “Holla At My Kinfolk.”


Yo Gotti’s latest

Yo Gotti states to his fans:

Request Me. Put Me In The Mix. Help Get My New Single “Let’s Vibe” ft. Pleasure P (Pretty Rickie) Played On Your Local Station. Shout Out To Memphis TN, Louisville KY, Mobile AL, & Sirius Satellite Radio (SHADE 45) for Beginning the First to Play Me This Week. THX

REQUEST LINE: (901)535-9797

Mobile AL

REQUEST LINE: (251)471-9393
Calling from Florida (866)993-WBLX

Louisville KY


Sirius Satellite Radio


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