crime Check out the incredible moment when a man is knocked to the ground after attempting to reportedly stab a preacher.

Bill Cosby, who has been linked to a number of allegations of sexual assault charges by multiple women, is seeking to have a case handled by Pennsylvania prosecutors to be dismissed.

The Memphis Pastor who was arrested after allegedly sending explicit pictures of himself to an underage boy has been sentenced to 85 months in prison.

A postal worker was attacked by a person who threw acid on her on last week and police issued a reward for the capture of the attacker.

A 23 year-old white Memphis man suffered from two black eyes, a swollen nose and a crushed sinus cavity after he was allegedly called ‘white boy’ and attacked and beaten by two men at the Pendleton Pines Apartments in South Memphis in the Orange Mound neighborhood.

A 19 year-old suspect has been apprehended after police were seeking the assailant in the case of an 88 year-old woman that was stabbed and robbed at her home on Tuesday.

Memphis police are still seeking the killer in the murder of 15-year-old Cateria Stokes, while Cateria’s mother, Joyce Stokes, and family members believe the song lyrics in the rap song entitled “Lil’ Homie” by Memphis rapper Don Trip provides clues about her daughter’s murder.

Family and supporters of the Memphis teen Darrius Stewart, 19, who was shot dead by Memphis police officer Connor Schilling after a traffic stop for a broken headlight, are still calling for justice.

Authorities in Waller County, Texas have put out video footage of Sandra Bland being booked and taking her mugshot picture after arriving at jail following being arrested by Texas trooper Brian T. Encinia for failing to use a traffic signal.

Following the news story and shocking video of the black woman named Sandra Bland being arrested, even more disturbing details claiming Bland was already dead in her mugshot photo have surfaced. Bland was arrested, slammed to the ground and thrown in jail for simply after being stopped for failing to use a turn signal. Three […]

The full unedited version of the video of the fatal chokehold of Eric Garner by New York police officer for allegedly selling illegal cigarettes has surfaced online.

An 18 year-old man is accused of raping and sodomizing an 82 year-old Brooklyn woman during a four hour robbery and assault then forcing her to swear on the bible to keep it a secret.

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