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Juicy J takes you behind the scenes again in episode 4 of his The Hustle Continues Tour vlog.

The Hustle Continues in Juicy J’s latest blog in episode 3.

In the second episode of Juicy J’s “The Hustle Continues Tour,” the rapper takes you behind the scenes for his Wiz Khalifa and R.City assisted “For Everybody” video.

Rapper and producer Juicy J visits Las Vegas for his “The Hustle Continues Tour.” For his first stop in Episode 1 of “The Hustle Continues Tour,” Juicy shows himself on the red carpet at the Billboard Awards, his travel on the road to and through Las Vegas, footage from his live concerts and more.

In episode ten of That’s Racist “Why Do Racist Jokes Exist?,” Mike discovers all types of jokes from dumb Polish people to pot smoking Jamaicans and why racist humor is funny. Everyone has heard a racist joke but why do these jokes exist in the first place?

In episode nine of That’s Racist “All Asians Are Smart,” Mike goes to see what makes Asians smarter than the average person. Is a seemingly positive stereotype is still a racist stereotype? Mike gets schooled (literally) on whether or not all Asians are smart.

In episode eight of That’s Racist “Black People Can’t Swim,” Mike Epps goes to find out if it is really true about black people and swimming. Hear some of the stereotypes and more. Just watch and see what was said and is being said.

In episode seven of That’s Racist “Mexicans Are Lazy,” Mike puts the question to the test by heading to work with a Mexican gardener. Are Mexicans actually lazy?

In episode six of That’s Racist “The Irish Are Drunks,” Mike goes to a bar (where else?!), to discover whether or not all Irish people really are drunks.

In episode five of That’s Racist titled “White Men Can’t Jump,” Mike Epps explores just how hard white people can ball. White guys can shoot, but everyone knows they can’t jump…right?

In episode four of That’s Racist, Mike sets out to see how one of the newest stereotypes, muslims are terrorists, has affected the Muslim community.

In episode three of That’s Racist, Mike hits the road with an Asian driving instructor to see what’s really going on behind the wheel.

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