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Chelsea, Bill, and Hillary Clinton Share Pics of Chelsea’s Baby Girl Charlotte (PHOTOS)

Chelsea Clinton, Marc and baby Charlotte

Chelsea Clinton, the daughter and only child of former US President Bill Clinton and former first lady Hillary Clinton, has given birth to the Clinton’s first grandchild, a baby girl named Charlotte.

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In the “Name of Religious Freedom” Tennessee Passes ‘Gay’ Bill Allowing Bullying LGBT Students

Students Anti-Gay Protest

Some people are saying Tennessee has passed a bill that will allow LGBT students to be bullied in the “name of religious freedom.” Back on last month, Bill Haslam was sent a bill that proposes someone can be anti-gay under their “religious” right. The bill is being referred to as the “Turn Away The Gays …

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Steve Cohen Says ‘Ask Late Philip Seymour Hoffman’ If Marijuana Is As Dangerous As Heroin

Rep Steven Cohen and Michael Botticelli

Tennessee Representative Steve Cohen ripped into Michael Botticelli, the Deputy Director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy for failing to address the issues surrounding marijuana and that it is less dangerous than heroin.

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