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Homelessness is definitely an issue all over America including in Memphis, TN. It’s definitely not a problem that can be solved in one night either. Memphis hip hop artist Muck Sticky starts a ‘Kindness Challenge’ helping out a random homeless man in Memphis with some food and more.

Music video of Memphis rap artist Muck Sticky performing “Live This Life” song off the 2015 album “Dang!” available for download now on iTunes.

Known usually for his comedic and alternative rap tunes, Memphis rapper Muck Sticky has only one thing to say this time in his latest music video — “Let’s Go To Work.” The music single “Let’s Go To Work” comes from his 2013 album “Fantasterrific.”

Watch the music video “Just Do It” by Muck Sticky.

[jwplayer config=”MR TV” mediaid=”26488″] Muck Sticky new hip hop song Popsicle from the 3-13-13 album Schnickelfritz. Produced by Smooth Journey Productions.

[jwplayer config=”MR TV” mediaid=”26471″] The hypnotizing/comedic Memphis rapper Muck Sticky in the new hip hop music video for the song We Get Wild from off the album Schnickelfritz.

[jwplayer config=”MR TV” mediaid=”23141″] Rapper Muck Sticky’s in hip hop music single and music video All Night Long off his 2012 album Hullabaloo. Video produced by Smooth Journey Productions.

[jwplayer config=”MR TV” mediaid=”19481″] Muck Sticky in a new promo for his song “Tuckahaw” from the upcoming album “Schnickelfritz”. Produced by Smooth Journey Productions. Promo cover after the jump.

Mr. “Feel So Good,” “High Times,” “Sex, Drugs & Rock n Roll” rapper Muck Sticky has released a new music video for new hip hop song “Party On.” Muck Sticky’s “Party On” music video and song is a single release, which comes off of Muck Sticky’s new album Hullabaloo, which is the Memphis based rapper’s […]

[jwplayer config=”MR TV” mediaid=”23143″] Rapper Muck Sticky’s latest hip hop music single and music video Party On off his new album Hullabaloo, now available online.

Weekly rooftop party featuring a $5 Cover showcase hosted by Craig Brewer with music by Valerie June, Muck Sticky, and Al Kapone. Thu., July 2, 6-10 p.m. $5 (ladies get in free before 8 p.m.). The Peabody, 149 Union, Memphis, 529-4154,

From the creator of Hustle & Flow, Craig Brewer and MTV Networks present $5 Cover — a rough-and-tumble show set in the clubs, all-nite cafes and no-tell motels of present-day Memphis. The series follows a cast of young musicians including Memphis rappers Al Kapone and Muck Sticky, singer/songwriter Valerie June and other cast members as […]

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