Mr. Sche

Music producer and rapper Mr. Sche aka Big Sche Eastwood in the music video for the track “IGnant”.

Lab Rat Muzik presents Mack DVS in his latest mixtape, FREE DVS featuring Lord Infamous, II Tone, Big Sche, Don Cipher, Shelby Forest Click and others with production from Nsane Productions, Beatg33kz, vtz, JP On Tha Track, and Zone Beatz. All Songs Recorded In Tha State Penitentiary. Listen to the mixtape, peep the tracklisting, back […]

Mr. Sche in song “Work My Ass Off” off Mr. Sche’s album Street Credit which is available online now featuring T-Rock, Koopsta Knicca, Immortal Lowlife and more.

Recently, posted a song, entitled Goblin (Three 6 Mafia diss), by artist Trigga Mane featuring Memphis rap artists, Kingpin Skinny Pimp and Mr. Sche. Since posting the controversial song, which was a hip hop diss aimed at Memphis rap group Three 6 Mafia, word got back to artist Mr. Sche who reached out to […]

Mr. Sche is always on the grind doing his own thing whether you like it or not. In an interview with, Mr. Sche came with the real letting up and coming artists and producers know that the beginning Diddy days just gonna leave you were you started at.

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