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In the preview clip above Memphis producer K.Le DaVincci talks about Memphis and it’s support or lack of support for his music, while revealing his latest move to Dallas, Texas and expectations of support overseas for his style of music and production.

MemphisRap.com conducts an interview with music producer, rapper, singer, songwriter, media personality and upcoming host of the 2014 Southern Entertainment Awards, K.Le DaVincci. Just months into launching a new website and months away from the start of a new solo music career, K.Le DaVincci, real name Christopher Forest, the grandson of music legend Earl Forest, […]

Samuel Wilkes, 25, also known as Memphis rapper Sam Bo, who died of a gun shot on last week, as reported on MemphisRap.com, in his last interview held by K.Le DaVincci of Wav Squad, during his music video shoot for song “Me.” The More You Know, The More You Grow. The More You Show, The […]

The hip hop community in Memphis, TN is mourning the loss of 25 year-old Samuel Wilkes, also known as Memphis rapper Sam Bo, who died over the weekend. Details about rapper Sambo’s death are sketchy, but it is believed that the rapper may have been victim to a senseless killing.

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