A naked black woman believed to be high on a new, highly addictive drug called Flakka is seen on video stripped as men pour ketchup and water on her. There’s little detail as to when the incident happened and how old the video is, which appeared recently on WorldStarHipHop and is circulating the internet.

The former world-famous Subway spokesman Jared Fogle was charged with paying underage girls for sex in Manhattan hotels.

Church service at Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in South Memphis, TN probably will never be the same again, after investigators say their pastor Demarcus Smith, 32, coerced an underage boy to send him sexually explicit pictures of himself.

A story and racy video of a girl now known as Alexis Frulling, who was allegedly caught on videotape having a threesome with two dudes in cowboy hats at the Calgary Stampede Festival, is making its way across the internet.

Former NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal breaks her silence and says she identifies as black.

This photo looks innocent at first glance but after taking a closer look, the Internet is reacting in horror to the spooky image captured in a photo taken of a photographer under the 4th Street Bridge in Los Angeles, CA.

An 18 year-old teenage woman from Great Lakes was reunited with her estranged father where, during their first meeting, they had a playful wrestling match that soon turned into something much more. The woman, who is unnamed and un-pictured for obvious reasons, hadn’t seen her father in 12 years, but tells New York Magazine during […]

In one of probably the most disturbing stories this year, a West Virgina mother has been indicted by a grand jury on charges that she injected feces into her son’s IV at a hospital. It was announced Tuesday that a grand jury indicted Candida “Candy” Fluty, 35, of Kermit, West Virgina for knowingly injecting a […]

A screenshot photo taken from the video of the fatal shooting of Terence Walker shows a shocking apparition of death mostly referred to as ‘the grim reaper’ around the body of the 21 year-old who was shot and killed by an Oklahoma police officer. Upon watching video of the fatal shooting of Terence Walker, the […]

Juicy J has got beef and we’re not talking about hip hop beef, we’re talking about 100% real beef. Meet Juicy J, a 1320-pound steer owned by a York County, Pennsylvania teenager named Kayce Myers, a 19 year-old who’s proud and became “overwhelmed” when her steer became a grand champion, reports The Sentinel.

We all know that Craigslist can be a resource to sell and/or find just about anything, one Craigslist poster posted an ad under the Memphis classifieds for a “woman looking for a man (w4m).” The bizarre ad title was “You farted in Kroger.”

This is not a usual title, but then again Miley Cyrus is not your usual celebrity. Miley Cyrus still manages to shock with her latest poster promotion for MTV Unplugged.

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