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Memphis Police are reportedly working on a case where a woman allegedly shot two men in a jealous rage for flirting with her girlfriend.

When you hear the name Machine Gun Kelly today, you may think of the rapper Machine Gun Kelly of Bad Boy/Interscope, known for his song “Wild Boy” featuring Waka Flocka Flame which made him an instant national sensation. What you may or may not have heard is the story of the original gangster (O.G.) “Machine […]

Following the Orlando shooting massacre at Pulse, a nightclub in Orlando, Florida, that ended in 50 people being killed, members of the LGBT community in Memphis and surrounding areas came together to hold a vigil mourning the loss of lives and more.

Rapper Lil Wayne suffered multiple seizures again in the middle of a flight on his private plane which was forced to make emergency landings, according to multiple reports.

A ‘stampede’ of hundreds of people running down Beale Street literally shut down the historic street in Downtown Memphis, Tennessee last night around 1AM. Police are investigating what led to hundreds of people running through Beale Street in fear overnight ending in multiple arrests and multiple injuries.

This video shows a reported Atlanta woman who has suffered from extreme hair loss due to wearing braids and weaves. In the video, the woman is shown with her scalp revealed from patches of hair missing due to the damage caused by braiding and weaving.

Aretha Franklin, Justin Timberlake and other celebrities alike are responding in disbelief at the death of 57 year-old iconic singer and musician Prince known for his classic hits such as “Purple Rain” and “Little Red Corvette.” “This can’t be real,” tweeted singer and actor Justin Timberlake.

Former World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) professional wrestler Chyna, born Joan Marie Laurer, who rose to fame in the World Wrestling Federation in 1997, has been pronounced dead, as of this Thursday. News of Chyna’s untimely death comes at the same time of the untimely announcement of the death of superstar singer and music artist Prince, […]

A video is making it’s rounds over social media of a man screaming racial slurs at a woman while she is using the ATM at a bank in Montgomery, Alabama. Apparently, the man is angry because he has a dog in the car and the woman is taking too long in his opinion.

In case you missed it, while many are nervous about doing this, one HIV negative guy, Kyle Goffney, explains why he’ll sleep with those affected by HIV after taking Truvada (PrEP) which allegedly lowers the risk of getting exposed to HIV.

A video recently surfaced online of a man urinating on Kellogg’s assembly line. The video was reportedly filmed from the Memphis, Tennessee production facility and recorded in 2014. Kellogg immediately released a statement saying it “takes this situation very seriously” while adding that their “food quality is of the utmost importance” to them.

Bill Cosby, who has been linked to a number of allegations of sexual assault charges by multiple women, is seeking to have a case handled by Pennsylvania prosecutors to be dismissed.

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