Rapper Lil Wayne suffered multiple seizures again in the middle of a flight on his private plane which was forced to make emergency landings, according to multiple reports.

In case you missed it, while many are nervous about doing this, one HIV negative guy, Kyle Goffney, explains why he’ll sleep with those affected by HIV after taking Truvada (PrEP) which allegedly lowers the risk of getting exposed to HIV.

A black chemist is claiming that he discovered that chemicals being used in food today are turning men into homosexuals. When scientist Tyrone Hayes took on a new job for EcoRisk to study atrazine, a chemical produced by a billion dollar company and used on half of the nation’s corn and 90% of sugarcane, he […]

Sarah Stage, the lingerie model whose pregnant photo with six-pack abs went viral online, has shared the first pictures of her newborn baby boy, James Hunter.

This video of a 3 year-old deaf girl named Kennedy Steele will melt your heart when you see what she does when she hears her mother’s voice for the first time.

A woman challenged herself to increase her consumption of water by drinking 101 fl oz of water for over 30 days. See the amazing results.

There’s a news report circulating of a story about the small town of Purdon, Texas been quarantined after a family of five there tested positive for Ebola – the fake story is a hoax.

People in Dallas, Texas have been hit with the fear of Ebola after reports that at least 100 people could possibly have been exposed to Ebola and are being monitored following confirmation of the first case of the lethal virus in the United States of America.

After looking at this video, you may never look at a McDonalds cheeseburger the same again. Assuming that McDonalds cheeseburgers aren’t exactly what you plan to eat for a healthy diet, you pretty much don’t look for it to be the best digestible food.

The story of a mother whose baby died during birth but was brought back to life 2 hours later from his mother’s touch and breast milk will leave you shocked and touched.

A video of a woman filming her abortion has gone viral since surfacing online on the Internet. The woman in the video filming her abortion is Emily Letts, a 25 year-old abortion counselor.

The drug company that produces and manufactures Actavis, popular for its cough syrup, which contains Promethazine Codeine, has decided to take its product off the market due to the alleged abuse of the drug promoted by pop culture.

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