The story of Memphis mother Gwendolyn Clemons and her son Davin Clemons, who are both gay, both ministers and both working in the criminal justice system will leave you either touched or shocked but, one thing is for sure, you’ve likely never heard of a unique story like this before. Check out the incredible moment when a man is knocked to the ground after attempting to reportedly stab a preacher.

The Memphis Pastor who was arrested after allegedly sending explicit pictures of himself to an underage boy has been sentenced to 85 months in prison.

In a recent video, Minister Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam sat down in an interview and stated that Jay-Z is responsible for telling his wife to cover up her body.

Church service at Oak Hill Missionary Baptist Church in South Memphis, TN probably will never be the same again, after investigators say their pastor Demarcus Smith, 32, coerced an underage boy to send him sexually explicit pictures of himself.

A Grenada Mississippi circuit clerk decided to obey God and the bible after the Supreme Court passed a law that all states must permit same-sex marriages.

‘Well good morning you no good f–kin heathens and you f–kin hypocrites’ a YouTube user starts his daily videos off as he goes in to share his thoughts. YouTube user theanachyofreligion has got a few people on his side and a few against him after posting a video questioning ‘black’ people about ‘are they stupid […]

Most Americans today including the Millennials (Gen-Y), middle aged and elderly, according to research by Barna Group, believe Jesus was actually a sinner.

Hundreds of atheists have been gathering in Memphis, TN this week for the 41st annual American Atheists National Convention, which is underway. As reported back in October of last year, the news drew up quite a bit of mixed reactions from local Memphians who learned the large atheist convention was going to be held over […]

According to statistics black churches have received over $420 billion dollars in tithes and offerings since 1980. Where has all that money gone?

Memphis pastor, Bishop Brandon Porter of Greater Community Temple COGIC spoke with Huffpost Live hosted by Marc Lamont Hill to speak on the video that is now going viral of Andrew Caldwell, the former gay man seen wanting to be ‘delivered’ from homosexuality at the COGIC Holy Convocation Convention held in St. Louis, Missouri.

“I’m not gay no more. I am delivered, I don’t like mens no more. I like women, women, women…,” one young man said on video that has taken the St. Louis, Missouri COGIC Convention, which was formally held annually in Memphis, viral after walking up to the alter.

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