The story of Memphis mother Gwendolyn Clemons and her son Davin Clemons, who are both gay, both ministers and both working in the criminal justice system will leave you either touched or shocked but, one thing is for sure, you’ve likely never heard of a unique story like this before.

An Arkansas woman has been dubbed by the Internet as the “#PrisonBae” after her prison mugshot stole the hearts of many from going viral online.

Little girl raps a poetic rap to her deadbeat father. You may want to have kleenex on hand for the heartwarming message she sends out.

Homelessness is definitely an issue all over America including in Memphis, TN. It’s definitely not a problem that can be solved in one night either. Memphis hip hop artist Muck Sticky starts a ‘Kindness Challenge’ helping out a random homeless man in Memphis with some food and more.

Judge Mindy Glazer happened to recognize a childhood friend when he appeared in court before her and, when he realized who it was, it made the man she knew as a teen breakdown in tears. “I always wondered what happened to you,” the judge said.

The video shows you how race is still an issue in America from buying cars to getting a job to getting pulled over by the police. Thousands of resumes were mailed to employers with identical information with the only difference being the first name changed.

The Memphis music community and aspiring Memphis music musicians are mourning the loss of Memphis & Shelby County Schools’ Overton High School band director, Jeff Huddleston.

Reality TV star and R&B singer Tameka ‘Tiny’ Harris, wife of rapper T.I., recently underwent surgery to permanently change her eye color from brown to ice grey.

In a video that has gone viral, a New York City woman named Shoshana Roberts claims that she was catcalled by over 100 men in just over 10 hours as she walked the streets of Manhattan, NY.

Rapper T.I., real name Clifford Harris, Jr., has been given the key to the city of Jackson, Mississippi.

Ever since this man, identified as Jeremy Meeks had a mugshot to appear online, Meeks picture has been deemed one of the sexiest mugshots online.

Check out T.I.’s second home which he’s renting out just to cut his commute down traveling to and from work at the studio.

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